Corsair K70 RGB Pro Review

Corsair offers the K70 gaming keyboard in a variety of configurations. The latest version is the Corsair K70 RGB Pro, which meets the expectations set by its predecessor by offering the latest Cherry MX mechanical switches, RGB backlighting of the keys, and a number of features designed to appeal to professional gamers. Finally, there’s how Corsair tries to justify the “Pro” moniker – and the price. We think it succeeded, winning the K70 RGB Pro Editors’ Choice Award, which is the best high-end gaming keyboard for eSports enthusiasts.

What makes the K70 a “Pro”?
The Corsair K70 RGB Pro immediately sets itself apart from its “amateur” predecessors like the K70 RGB. The keyboard has a similar layout, but the Pro model moves the profile, illumination, and game mode keys to the left edge instead of nesting them with dedicated media keys and volume wheel. corsair also replaced the standard plastic logo on the top edge of the panel with a glossy RGB version that has the same illumination pattern as the rest of the keyboard.

Taking the pros to the game
Let’s talk about more features that have helped the Corsair K70 RGB Pro earn its name. The most obvious is the so-called “race switch” next to the detachable cable, which Corsair says disables custom actions and macros to prevent accidental activation, changes the backlight to a static monochrome to reduce interference, and disables profile or profile switching. As Corsair says, all of these changes should result in a “competitive compatibility mode”. E-sports tend to disable some of these things; others are competitive disadvantages.

Corsair iCue Software: One and Done
Corsair Axon controls can be found in Corsair’s iCue software, which is also used to manage the K70 RGB’s lighting, create macros, change key assignments, and update the keyboard’s firmware. The software works as you would expect, and unlike Roccat’s Swarm software, iCue scales nicely to 1440p and 4K displays.

The Corsair K70 RGB Pro offers 8MB of on-board memory for storing up to 50 on-board profiles (the exact number, according to Corsair, “depends on complexity”) and 20 layers of lighting effects. On-board macro recording is also available, which means the iCue doesn’t have to be used particularly often. Simply go to Update Keyboard’s firmware, set the polling rate to the level you want, and then use the Hardware Key Assignment and Hardware Lighting pages to save the various settings to the device.

A worthwhile investment for the eSports crowd
A few miscellaneous features before we close: The Corsair K70 RGB Pro has two feet on the bottom of the case that can be used to adjust the angle of the keyboard. I found the keyboard comfortable to use either way, but was happy to have the option to adjust the ergonomics. The same is true for the removable palm rest. It is very comfortable to use and its magnetic connectors can be easily attached or detached, although at first I was sure I was doing it wrong just because the connection didn’t feel as comfortable as other palm rests.

All in all, the Corsair K70 RGB Pro is a solid choice, and its $160 price tag is complemented by high-end build quality, many reasonable support features, and one of the better peripheral customization software utilities we’ve used in some time.

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