Corsair K95 RGB Review

Corsair’s ultimate gaming keyboard returns in all its mechanical, customizable, programmable glory with shorter names and multi-color key backlighting that lets you adjust the look of the keyboard to your liking. With 18 dedicated macro keys and 16.8 million colors, it’s a solid update to one of my favorite keyboards and the model to get when you want to take things up another notch. As such, it replaces the Roccat Ryos MK Pro as our Editor’s Choice Gaming Keyboard.

Design and functionality Corsair through the Corsair Vengeance K90
found its unique keyboard design back in 2012, with a machined aircraft-grade aluminum base (anodized black), removable wrist rest and 134-key design with Cherry MX mechanical key switches. The metal construction is rock solid, the height is adjustable, and the wrist rest has a textured soft touch that makes it one of the most comfortable I’ve ever used.

I’ve been using the K95 RGB for a few days now and I’m impressed with it for both daily work and gaming. The construction and Cherry MX Red switches ensure rock-solid reliability, no matter how badly I hit the keyboard. The built-in Windows lock key allows me to disable the Windows key during gaming, and the built-in media controls (volume up/down and mute, stop, play/pause, forward and backward) allow for almost constant use while I listen to a lot of music at work.

Programmable keys, which now have 108 possible macro commands, are conveniently placed and easy to use, but it can be difficult to remember all possible permutations of the keys and profiles associated with each command if you’re in three digits. Programmable macros are also handy outside of games, and I’ll often use them as shortcuts and frequently used text strings in various programs like Excel, Photoshop, and Word.

My favorite feature of the new model is the customizable backlight. Being able to set any combination of colors and lighting patterns imaginable is fun in itself, but it’s also very useful. I can adapt the colors to any game, any program. I can optimize color choices for a variety of uses, such as playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and video editing, color-coding entire sections of the keyboard or individual keys. When I don’t need a specific lighting scheme, I can set it to simply glow in a single color under any shade I choose, or I can make it flicker and ripple in delightful colors.

With the switch to single button backlighting and expanded macro control options, the Corsair K95 RGB is a significant improvement on what was already one of the best keyboards available. The colorful options enhance the attractive design, and the usability of this powerful design has actually been enhanced and expanded. While I would like to revert to a direct USB connection, I can’t deny that this is much better than the previous model. As a result, it wins our Gaming Keyboard Editor’s Choice.

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